Barriers to progress

At the present time, there are three main barriers to the development of an alternative tourism strategy based around the European Sea Bass. These are: There must be fish – Without a prospect of being able catch bass in reasonable numbers and sizes, anglers and their families

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Sport angling

A chapter from The Last of the Hunter Gatherers, reproduced with kind permission from the author Michael Wigan One of the most attractive ways to use a resource is enjoy it, then leave it behind. Sport fishing has this unbeatable, quite unassailable virtue: it does not harm

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Alternative tourism

This is a summary of a paper that Peter Macconnell produced for the EU Alternative Tourism Directorate (DG23). It sets out the key issues for recreational bass angling as an alternative tourism activity. The European Sea Bass – A Sought After Commodity The European Sea Bass is

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Perspectives by Malcolm Gilbert

It’s after eleven and I’ve decided to go to bed. I’m just on the verge of dropping off and the cordless phone on the dressing table brings me back to full consciousness.Hello, I answer apprehensively. Is that Malcolm Gilbert? asks the caller. Yes, I respond. The caller

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Reading About Bass By Dave Cooling

It’s the middle of Winter, said Bob the Editor, in his usual perceptive manner, it being the first week of January. There arenít many bass about for our members to catch – tell me something new! Surely you could knock up a page for the Mag about

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