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  • Compact Angling Photography - Part 1
    Compact Angling Photography – Part 1
    10 August 2020 by
    Compact Angling Photography – Part 1 by Steve Pitts Several years ago, Henry Gilbey gave an enthralling presentation on angling photography at our AGM, which got me thinking. Like most things that Henry gets involved in (that’s a bit of an understatement seeing as he earns his...
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  • Fly Fishing In Mounts Bay
    Fly Fishing In Mounts Bay
    7 August 2020 by
    CHAPTER 5 – GOOD DAYS, BAD DAYS Fly Fishing Mounts Bay It’s 4.00am and the car glides down the steep narrow lane towards the beach. Lucy and Maizey, my two Jack Russell terriers, are standing on the passenger seat with noses rooted to the windscreen, scrutinizing the...
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  • The Wrong Tie
    The Wrong Tie
    5 August 2020 by
    The Wrong Tie by Donovan Kelley No, not Trousers: the wrong Tie. This is not a Wallace and Grommit tale; and it certainly wasn’t a Grand Day Out – for me. With Eric, best of angling friends and long-term research partner, I was taking a break from the...
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