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  • How Bass Feed
    How Bass Feed
    16 April 2021 by
    How Bass Feed Bass will usually search for food wherever it can be disturbed by currents, waves and other types of water movement.  Swimming quickly, they feed primarily by sight during the day, and by a combination of senses in murky water and darkness.  Their food is often mini-species of fish...
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  • Experiences With Bass
    Experiences With Bass
    9 April 2021 by
    CHAPTER 11 – Looking Back Experiences With Bass? My first experiences with bass took place when I was about thirteen, when my family regularly spent summer holidays and weekends in a caravan at Newhaven. I had been coarse and trout fishing since I was about five, but...
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  • Knowing Your Zonks
    Knowing Your Zonks
    2 April 2021 by
    Knowing Your Zonks The Megabass Zonk has been around now for a number of years mainly down to the fact It is one of the most productive hard lures on the market and has gained cult status with many bass lure anglers across the UK. For those...
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BASS member Andy Davies was out on the beach yesterday hunting silver when he came across this donkey of a bass cruising the shoreline enjoying the sun. Unfortunately after several attempts with various lures he couldn't entice her into a take. Andy estimated the bass to be around 12lbs. ... See MoreSee Less
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Graham Clark got his season off to a flyer this morning with this cracking 72cm bass weighing in at just over 7lbs. She was taken off the surface while fishing a Mid Wales mark. ... See MoreSee Less
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Good luck to all at the Sportfish Show this weekend. BASS will be represented by Michael Rescorle, who will be doing a short presentation about the society on ... See MoreSee Less
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