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At one with your bass fishing

This is a piece about nature, now I know you may decide to read no further but indulge me just for a moment. Blogs about nature tend to be very worthy or even prescriptive bemoaning the state of the nation and the fact that (pretty much like

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Staying Dry!

It’s my experience that spending money in the hope it will bring more bass can sometimes actually work. Yet it’s not investments in better rods, reels and lures that have noticeably increased my returns compared to money spent on getting afloat, on travel, or on buying effective

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Getting wet !

Bass anglers fall into that strange breed of people that often revel in getting wet. Indeed one of our blogging team insists that if he isn’t getting wet, he’s not going to catch ‘the big one’. Therefore getting creamed by a wave is something he regards as

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“Thump” … it’s the moment we wait for. It can come at the least expected moment. Turn away, or switch-off for a split second, and it’s almost guaranteed to happen. For the bait angler holding a rod stood in the surf, it’s a lightening-strike, sometimes fierce. For

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Mike Heylin interview

  The recent BASS AGM proved to be as enjoyable as ever.  Members new and old met, exchanged tales of seasons gone by and honed plans for the year ahead. Gear was bought and new friendships formed. During the more formal parts of the day, excellent presentations

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