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He who dares !!

This is the business end of the season for bass anglers ! Some anglers have already cleaned their gear & put it away for the winter, and whilst that might be the right move in some of the Northern areas of the country (perhaps), as you head

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Watch the birdie – Trophy shots

Gone are the days when people want to see trophy shots of dead fish on the kitchen sink, garden path or outside the local tackle shop. Camera technology is cheaper these days & indeed most people use their mobile phones to take a trophy picture of the

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Too many lows: not enough highs

The weather of late has been as frustrating as I can remember. From July onwards I waited for the bass to show on my favourite south coast marks. My wait was long and it wasn’t until early October that my plans came good when two trips brought

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Net loss: how one individual made a difference!

As an organisation BASS acts collectively for its members, yet our resources are limited and we have to pick our fights as we dont have paid staff or huge financial resources.  Sometimes individual BASS members chose to act alone where they see an opportunity to bring about change

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How hard can it be.

2013 has been a tough year (so far) for a lot of bass catchers. One could probably speculate a long time as to the reasons for this – from the cold winter, the late spring, right through to the commercial pressure finally taking its toll. Sure the

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