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My Location X

Bass anglers once had a reputation for being sneaky secretive types who skulk out under the cover of darkness and would rather sacrifice a limb than share a secret bass mark. How things have changed over the last few years eh! Each set of spring tides we

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A lesson learned

I bet that most anglers dream of that really big fish. Sure, it’s good to catch lots of schoolies but it’s that double figure bass which pushes most people’s buttons. Some anglers are no strangers to such fish, while others (like me!) will probably fish for a

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The Itch

When I return from a fishing session I virtually always (fish or no fish) feel very happy and content but I know it is only a matter of time before I develop “the itch”. “The itch” is quite simply the need to go fishing and although I

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Right place, right time

I’ve been fascinated by solunar fishing predictions for years, so for those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about here is some background information. The solunar theory is a hypothesis that animals and fishes move according to the location of the moon in comparison to their

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On the Edge

I have recently returned from 8 days lure fishing in Ireland with Julian Fox. The fishing was challenging, but varying our methods and locations seemed to buy us more success. Yet the fact success does not come easily is no different from each of our 10 previous

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