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Early Days

The first session of the season gets me all worked up. No reason to I suppose – other than many months cooped up inside watching the rain and the wind. It’s a pity that the first session’s promise often isn’t borne out in the results. After many

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Blogging Bass …..

Well the BASS Blogging Team has been on fine form this last week, with all 3 finding some fish. Our man in the South endured a trip which involved some woeful luck & equipment failure, but still landed a beautiful lean 70cm bass …. This was a

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Brewing out to sea …

Brewing out to Sea: a comparison of the Storm Kettle and the Jetboil. Much of my bass angling involves long intense periods of fishing while cramped into little Zodiac inflatables. During a day on the water I like to stop at least once to stretch my legs

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A jaunty scarf …

People are often surprised to hear I enjoy fishing as I don’t fit their stereotype of an old boy sitting by a canal on a deckchair with a rod and a thermos – I’m a small blonde woman with a fondness for cashmere.  When I started angling

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Lucky Rods …

Everyone has their preferences & their favourites. Long ones, short ones, inbetweeny ones, bendy ones, stiff ones, red ones, black ones, yellow ones, one piece, two piece, three piece, expensive ones, cheap ones, and everything inbetween. When it comes to describing the action of a rod, I

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