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Battling with Monsters

  Weds 22nd May, 3.40pm: Not being unable to fish when I suspect the bass will be switched on is always frustrating. It’s usually work that gets

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Early Days

The first session of the season gets me all worked up. No reason to I suppose – other than many months cooped up inside watching

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Blogging Bass …..

Well the BASS Blogging Team has been on fine form this last week, with all 3 finding some fish. Our man in the South endured

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Brewing out to sea …

Brewing out to Sea: a comparison of the Storm Kettle and the Jetboil. Much of my bass angling involves long intense periods of fishing while

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A jaunty scarf …

People are often surprised to hear I enjoy fishing as I don’t fit their stereotype of an old boy sitting by a canal on a

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