Unique byelaw to save seabirds

After years of hard work by the RSPB, a solution to a problem affecting Cornwall’s seabirds is at last within their grasp. St Ives Bay is a key wintering site for auks, such as guillemots, and scarcer birds like great northern divers, as well as seals and

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An initial sentence in bold. An opportunity to state the purpose of the post and a chance to give some preliminary information to the reader. One paragraph is plenty. A h2 subheading Sub-headings are the perfect way to sub-divide content into smaller blocks. Readers will visually scan

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The Irish experience

Since the 1980s, Ireland’s bass stocks have been managed with a view to long term sustainability of the resource, and recreational angling’s contribution as an income generator through local and long distance tourism. National legislation supports this strategy by banning most commercial netting of bass. As a

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Dealings with MAFF & CEFAS

As the weeks and months of 1999 moved on, the tireless efforts of Malcolm Gilbert and Bob Cox showed benefits in that for the first time they were being invited to make the case for recreational bass angling directly to MAFF and Government representatitives. Now at last

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BASS Restoration Project

By November 1999, the Project had been running for 18 months, and things were happening at such a pace that we felt the need to communicate with our members and contributors by a newsletter. Peter Macconnell took on the role of producing Newsletter No: 1 (Winter 1999),

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