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For Commercial Bass Fishing Line Caught is Best Value.

A report by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) examining the economic, social and environmental “best value” of different methods of commercial bass fishing has just been published. It concludes that compared to trawling and fixed & drift nets, bass fishing with hook and line provides both the most jobs and highest price per kg of […]

Your Action will save our Bass

In the coming weeks the EU commission will make a decision on the Bass stock situation for 2016. This means we really do need to take action immediately in order to have some influence. By emailing the decision makers it will help increase the pressure. Remember, you are a stakeholder in the EU Sea Bass […]

Isle of Man changes to sea bass laws.

Proposed changes to Isle of Man legislation  regarding sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) Public Consultation. Changes to sea bass laws would contribute to economy and conservation. The public is being consulted over plans to further limit the size and/or number of sea bass that can be caught off the Isle of Man. Changing laws governing the […]

The power of your emails

  A Response from Maritime Affairs and Fisheries DG We would like to thank you and your fellow recreational anglers for the many e-mails the Commission has received over the past weeks regarding sea bass management. We would be grateful if you could post our reply to these many e-mails on your Facebook page “saveourseabass“. […]