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What follows is another important consultation that anglers can help influence the outcome of by simply sending an email covering the basic points of concern to CIFCA / MMO , it can be as short or in-depth depending on the time you have ,however the main thing is that anglers or others interested do bother to send some response .Cornwall IFCA have launched a public consultation on a new Netting in Rivers byelaw for 2017.River and Estuarine Fishing Nets Byelaw 2017


We are asking for as many people to respond as possible. The deadline for responses is 27th October.


The beautiful bass that we chase


From the angling fanatic, to the weekend fishing trip or family holiday, improved fish stocks clearly would result in more fish and better chances of catching for everyone. The appeal of angling trips to such areas could help many others as increased tourism, be it for a day trip or extended stay, it all feeds cash into local economies. Yes, in the actual locations but also en route so helping coastal areas to thrive in more diverse ways that everyone can benefit from.

The reality is, to get improved fish stocks people not only have to recognise the basic problems but also take just a few minutes and respond when given the chance. This is open to everyone, be you a local or from further afield, or even live outside the uk, but have visited previously or perhaps intend to fish the areas sometime in the future.

These sort of estuaries are host and nursery areas to a variety of species Bass, and Gilt head bream being just two, but also it’s the highways that salmon and seatrout use before the arduous journey up stream, pushing inland giving ever more people the benefits of natural wild nature.

Please send an email with your comments to the Marine Management Organisation at and

Cornwall IFCA at


Protect the estuaries and it will help provide a future for all.




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