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Welcome to BASS . . .

With the New Year, and ‘Online’ joining up and running, we’ve seen an influx of new members. One pleasing side-effect is that the Members Forum has become a busy place.

  • The liveliest part is undoubtedly the ‘Welcome’ section . . . new people popping up and introducing themselves, many having come from The Lure Forum, and are finding a number of old acquaintances are BASS members already.
  • Discussions about importing an boat outboard motor from China . . . benefits and pitfalls.
  • Soft plastics . . . the current ‘hot’ lures. Favorites, rigging, hooks, colours and techniques.
  • There’s also a thread about the future of the BASS Magazine. The ‘Mag’ is dear to the hearts of BASS members, and change is never welcome, but many recognise that maybe the future is an e-version (click on the Mags to expand and read).