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You may or may not be aware of the UK National fish vote that is taking place and reaching its final stages. This is an initiative to give the British Isles its own national fish via a simple online voting process that takes very little time to take part.

This is not only for the bass fanatics but for everyone who cares about our wild bass. Many people are now aware of the threats to what was a healthy sustainable population of the species, and support in this vote will help raise more awareness.
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Bass have an interesting lifecycle that’s still under going research , many people are aware of the Eel or Salmons struggle for survival, the obstacles of life are not so easy for fish. Its been pointed out before that if bass were not a fish but a cuddly creature then perhaps far more people would champion it .

Searching for bass can take a person to the most wildest of coastlines to the busiest of harbours or tranquil estuaries , as much as it is diverse in its habitats, so it is for the people who fish for it and campaign on its behalf.
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This brings us back full circle to the national fish vote, all fish and more importantly Bass are reliant on you and your option to vote.

UK National fish vote click here
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