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A few weeks on the coast

Yes Ive been caught in that trance of chasing silver yet again,early mornings late nights, wearing cold wet waders from the night before but I’ve also had the pleasure of wandering around in flip flops with these very pleasant recent temperatures. Bass have been present at most marks but are very hard won, being particular on certain baits and how they are presented. I’ve had limited success on surface lures which is a real shock for me as I normally do very well throughout July taking fish off the top. Out of the handful that have come to surface lures some of them have been nice fish over the past couple of weeks, including this post-spawn fish of approx 80cm, she went 8lb but could have easily been a double had she been in prime condition.

A long lean bass
Landed on a Patchinko 100

How many of you are using soft plastics? I’ve used them with limited success for a few A bass landed on soft plasticsyears now but they are now becoming my first choice out of the box when I find fish are being picky. I like them weightless & weedless bounced over shallow reefs, kinda fishing in stealth mode. Takes have been anything from a small knock to the rod nearly being pulled out my hand. It’s the small details that make a huge difference IMO, rigging the bait perfectly straight , over hooking , underhooking will all make the lure behave differently.

I’ve also increased my metal lure collection, not what I call finesse fishing but they do give you that edge in your armoury for certain situations, especially if fish are at distance. I’ve had most success on a lift & draw retrieve, I do seem to get a higher number of by-catch in the form of small pollock which is irritating especially when they hit on the first drop, saying that they have saved me a few blanks ;-).

Metal jig accounting for a bass

 Author: Nick Robson.