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About Norman Speed Clips

Norman Speed Clips . . .

I’ve tried numerous links and clips to attach the mainline to my lures over the years and had never found one with which I was totally happy. Then on a bassing trip to Ireland (about twelve years ago!) a storm had us house bound. To while away the time I was browsing a Cabelas catalogue . . . and spotted the Norman Speed Clips.

I’m not going to claim that the Norman Speed Clip is the ‘be all and end all’ as regards links. I know for a fact that at least one person doesn’t get on with them. However, as far as I’m concerned they are the best link for the job that I’ve come across.

The real beauty of the ‘speedclip’ is in its compact size (14mm by 5mm). Though I will admit, that due to this ‘compactness’ they can be ‘fiddly’ to attach, particularly if you have wet/cold fingers. But, as I’ve said, it’s their ‘size’ which I like. When attaching make sure that both of the arms of the ‘business’ end are through the eye of the lure.

For plug fishing I simply tie the link direct to ‘braid’. I use 14lb Fireline taking the line twice through the ‘eye’ of the link. I prefer the uni-knot and use eight to ten turns in the knot before  moistening and bedding down and tightening. Some anglers prefer to use use a short mono or fluorocarbon leader. It’s up to you. If you want to use it with spoons or spinners then it is relatively easy to attach a suitable swivel to the link if you should wish; whether the swivel will prevent any line twist is a moot point. As with any ‘clip’ always make a point of checking that they are properly secure every so often.

We have limited stocks of the NSC’s as I just brought a few back from the USA. Both Cabelas and Bass Pro shops sell them online . . . but do beware . . . postage charges are significant (minimum charge) and will cost you more than the links themselves.

The reverse of the NSC packet states:


Congratulations! You have just purchased the fastest and easiest device for attaching a lure to your fishing line.

After tying your line to your SPEED CLIP you can squeeze down on the torsion arms of the SPEED CLIP which opens the “JAW”. You then slip one arm of the jaw completely through the eyelet of the lure until the jaw closes completely. To make sure you are attached properly the SPEED CLIP should move “freely” on the eye of the lure. SPEED CLIPS are “stainless steel” and can be used in freshwater or saltwater without hurting your equipment. Think of the SPEED CLIP as a split-ring with torsion arms for opening. You don’t need split-rings – remove them.

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