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Every angler’s dream …

BASS member, Andrew Syvret has sent us these photographs of a bass he found in Jersey fish market. It was taken by a commercial boat while demersal trawling for black bream west of Guernsey on 14 february 2001.

Large and small bassThe size of this fish is – wait for it – 9.52 kg, that’s 21 lb 4 oz in the old scale, and it measured 93cm total length, 89.5cm fork length and 57.5cm girth! The smaller fish in the photo measures 41cm, and that’s a 12 inch ruler on the edge of the box.

Andrew also managed to collect some scales, and Donovan Kelley MBE has now read these. This fish was an exceptionally fast-growing specimen from the 1982 year class.

Large bassFor those who don’t keep up to date on these matters, the current British records are 19lb 11oz 12dr from the shore (previously held by BASS member Dave Bourne), and 19 lb 9.5oz from a boat.