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‘All About the Bass’ Symposium

Last year the Supper4Science project allowed anglers to be involved in a scientific research project looking at the link between bass spawning grounds and nursery areas. This summer the results will be presented and you can get involved, as Robin Bradley explains. Anglers are passionate about their quarry, and have a fascination for them which […]

Netting threat to the Salcombe Estuary

The Devon and Severn IFCA have launched a public consultation on changes to the netting permit conditions for fishing within the idyllic Salcombe Estuary. BASS are astonished that this proposal has made it to a public consultation given that the proposed change is for a new net fishery in a Bass Nursery Area that will […]

Supper4Science Update

For those collecting bass heads as part of the Essex University ‘Supper4science’ project, here’s an important update from Dr Howard Fraser. Good afternoon everyone! First of all I just wanted to thank you all for engaging with this work! We are now ready to share our collection plans with you all. Heads will need to […]