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BASS AGM and The White Stuff 11

This Sunday (16th March) is the BASS annual general meeting at Oxtalls Indoor Tennis Centre, Plock Court, Gloucester. This days is far more than the undertaking of the formal procedure necessary to ensure an organisation runs democratically and effectively. It’s a place where members catch up, make plans, buy cut price tackle from Veals, attempt to win great raffle prizes and watch great presentations. Prospective members are welcome to come along and see what we are all about. Last year the main presenters were the White Brothers. This year it’s the legendary (certainly within bass) Clive Hodges and his brother Kim who are presenting – It seems we have a sibling theme developing.

Give the mention of The White Brothers at last years meeting, its only logical that the final episode of their presentation follows. We hope you’ve enjoyed them. If you have any suggestions for the blog the let us (Matt Spence & Simon Lewis) know at the AGM, as we are always keen to hear your feedback.

The White Stuff, Episode 11 – Go with the flow

In the closing session of their presentation Keith and Kevin consider how using suspending lures can naturally imitate baitfish and fishing lures at the depth that fish are feeding at can be crucial to success –

•Guess what? They don’t work out the box
•It’s all to do with getting this (Keith holds up needlefish lure) into the right place at the right time
•We get a lot from trying to passing on what we do to other people
•We cannot describe to you the pleasure we get from being out there with the milky Way streaming overhead or you’re in the middle of a meteor shower and there’s the light like green fire in the water and you’ve got bass busting all around with sand eels looking like little green torpedoes flying through the water and then the next thing you take a photo of your mate or your brother with a lovely bass.
•It’s just SO good and we hope that in some way we’ve managed to get over just a tiny, tiny fraction today of what it is we do.