The next issue of the BASS magazine, No. 118, is due to be distributed to all BASS members by the 1 September.

image:photo of Allan Hughes, author of, 'A change is better than a rest' with a nice bass caught after a change of lure

[Allan Hughes, author of ‘A change is better than a rest’photo courtesy Allan Hughes]

Just to whet your appetite, in addition to the editorial, reports from the various BASS officials and the ‘Backlash’ (letters) column, here is a list of some of the articles the magazine will contain:-
A change is better than a rest
Peaks & Troughs
Mediterranean bass fishing
Hooked on Bass angling by a novice
Alternative bonefishing Part 2

There will also be other features of interest

May we remind BASS members that the editor is still looking for interesting articles and letters for future editions of the magazine.