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BASS members notice

Urgently required – evidence to support the Bass Management Plan

The BASS Restoration Project Team have been in discussion with Defra and urgently require your help in providing evidence to support bass growth rates, in particular, scale samples from the 2002 year class.

Will all BASS members please take 4-6 scale samples from bass between 30 – 38 cms in length (measured from the nose to the end of the flattened down (and closed) tail) and send them in as soon as possible.

Please ensure, that you record the length in CENTIMETRES

When removing scales, for study, only take them from the area beneath the tip of the flattened back pectoral fin of the bass (see photograph below, red spot is the area).The best way to extract scales is to use a pair of tweezers, gently removing one scale at a time. If done carefully this minimises any harm to the fish as new scales will grow and replace those removed.

Please forward scales in an envelope, plastic bag, etc. to John Leballeur, whose address details can be found in the contact BASS web page. Just to remind you, when forwarding the scales to John Leballeur, will you please include the date of capture, area of capture eg. south Devon coast (precise mark details are NOT required) and if possible the weight.

Thank you.

BASS Restoration Project Team

image: photo of a bass showing scale removal area