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Bass mls increase stopped

19 March 2007 – The following message has been sent by Defra
  • Ben Bradshaw announced on 10 August 2006 his decision to increase
    the Minimum Landing Size (MLS) for bass from 36 to 40cm and the Minimum Mesh
    Size for enmeshing nets used to target bass from 90 to 100mm.
  • On 14 March the Minister met with representatives from the National
    Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations to discuss their concerns about the
  • The outcome of this meeting was the Minister’s agreement to consider
    the points raised by the NFFO and any new evidence before considering the
    introduction of the Statutory Instrument (SI). We will be looking in
    particular at the evidence and the extent to which discards will increase at
    a MLS of 40cm.
  • The SI will therefore not come into force as planned on 6 April.
  • We realise this move will create some uncertainty for both the
    commercial and the recreational sector. However, we need to ensure that all
    the available evidence is considered carefully before legislation is
  • Defra will confirm in due course whether and on what date
    legislation will come into force once the evidence has been evaluated.

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19 March 2007 – From H.A.:
Words fail me. I’m bombarding Defra ‘names’ with my own protests!

20 March 2007 – From Danz:
I feel sick, this is just ridiculous. Gives you that horrid sinking feeling in your stomach… I can’t believe this.