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BASS Newsletter – Special Edition

BASS has always tried to keep as wide an audience as possible informed of what we are trying to achieve. The internet is a tremendous help in reaching out to anglers, but printed media is still needed. You can read our latest publication here: Special Newsletter – Summer 2012.

The power to influence politicians resides in YOUR hands. The bottom line . . . . the National Federation of Fisherman’s Organisations (Commercial Fishermen!) have the lobbyists and finances; RSA has numbers. If apathy reigns and Recreational Sea Anglers can’t be bothered to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, then an increase in the bass MLS is likely to once again be moved to the back burner.

The absolute pinnacle for impact is an envelope dropping into the ‘in-tray’ of the ministers office. Petitions and mass-mail photocopies are ‘ten a penny’. They’re not worthless, but do not have anywhere near the power of a communication which has to be physically opened, and then a response generated. However, something is much, much better than nothing. So, please, do drop a line, at the very least, to Mr. Benyon.

You can download a .pdf letter which you can sign, and then post, here: Letter to Richard Benyon

Many thanks . . . . here’s wishing you a successful angling year.

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