Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society

Fighting for Bass and Bass Anglers’ since 1973

BASS presentations

BASS has created a team of BASS members up and down the UK who have the knowledge and experience to do a presentation about BASS, bass and bass conservation.We would like to hear from any club secretaries, who feel their membership would be interested in attending such a presentation.

The material covered includes the following:-

  • The Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society – overview of what the Society is, what we get involved in, benefits of being a member.
  • The types of fishing members practice – shore, boat, kayak, fly-fishing, and techniques used.
  • The biology of bass – scale reading, tagging projects, breeding.
  • The bass fishery – overview of recreational and commercial interest in bass, minimum landing sizes, pressures on stocks.
  • Recreational Sports Angling (RSA) explained.
  • Campaign history to establish anglers rights.
  • The Bass Management Plan (BMP) overview.

There are dozens of great photographs and slides included throughout the presentation, including many of very large bass caught by members of BASS from all around the UK. The material is interesting, educational and entertaining. It takes around one and a half hours to present it in its entirety, but we can tailor it to suit the time available. A minimum of two BASS presenters will make the presentation, which BASS are prepared to do provided that there is an audience of at least 25 people. There is no fee for BASS to make the presentation and all expenses of the presenters will be covered by BASS. However any small donation offered by the club towards the BASS Restoration Project fund will be most welcome.

If any club Secretary would like to arrange for us to make a presentation at a club meeting, please contact BASS for further information.