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BASS press release

BASS goes to Parliament

Demanding more bigger fish.

On the 21 January, the Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society (BASS) will be meeting with MPs of all parties to discuss proposals to further develop the valuable UK Recreational Bass Fishery.

Though the new Fisheries Minister (Jonathan Shaw MP) recently backed down from increasing the legal size at which bass can be taken, there are still worthwhile conservation proposals for bass encompassed within the highly praised Bass Management Plan which he has stated that he will take forward.

Inshore netting restrictions, protection for spawning bass and a review of bass nursery area regulation are all being actively looked at by the Minister.

John Leballeur chairman of the BASS Restoration Project Team said “This is an opportunity to present our arguments for the development of the UK’s valuable Recreational Bass Fishery, and the need to change our fisheries management of bass in ways that will increase angler participation, including the business opportunities and livelihoods dependent upon a thriving Recreational Sea Angling Sector.

What the Recreational Bass Fishery needs more than anything, is more bigger fish of the size most prized by anglers, allowing many more fish to grow bigger, and with a good few approaching the 20lbs plus that nature intends.

We are grateful to Martin Salter MP for all of his previous efforts, and for providing this opportunity to present our proposals to a wide audience of parliamentarians.”


[note – information about the Bass Management Plan can be found on this website]