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For several years the BASS Committee has nurtured the idea of producing a book about bass fishing and the activities of the Society, based on the writings of the BASS quarterly magazine. The conservation work of the Society is well documented in the BASS Restoration Project newsletters but nothing has ever been published about bass angling – until now. In 2008, the Society's first book, 'BASS and B.A.S.S.' compiled and edited by BASS member, Geoff Gonella, was published.

It is hoped other publications on bass angling will follow.

The book – BASS and B.A.S.S

This is a book that will appeal to all bass anglers, whether specialist, or the occasional holiday angler. In its 35 years of existence the Society can boast many experts, including some well known names, like Clive Gammon, Brian Harris, Bob Moss, Dr Mike Ladle, the late John Darling and the late Donovan Kelley MBE, but also many not so well known, unless you are a member of BASS.

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The bass attracts a huge following of anglers, who dedicate time and money in pursuit of this wonderful sporting species. Some are forward thinking BASS members, who have shared their findings and experiences over the years with fellow BASS members, by writing detailed articles in the Society's quarterly magazine. A broad selection of those articles are reproduced in this book, plus some additional material specially written. Whether your interest is in surf fishing, float fishing, boat fishing, kayak fishing, lure fishing, or the increasingly popular saltwater fly fishing, then there is something in the book for you.

You will learn about the bass (Dicentrarchus labrax), as well as, the work BASS has been doing to help conserve and restore this species to its former glory, before the ravages of over-fishing started to take its toll. You will also share in many of the exploits, some humorous, of members trying to catch bass. For the traveling angler, there is a very interesting section about the American Striped bass (Morone saxatillis) including some BASS member's experiences of fishing for them.

The book has received some excellent reviews.

"This fascinating book is all about bass fishing and the Bass Anglers' Sportfishing Society. It contains a wealth of information on bass behaviour and fishing in different locations around the country, and includes sections on bait fishing and lure fishing. Also featured are some excellent stories of actual fishing sessions and just about everything you need to know about bass."
Total Sea Fishing magazine, August 2008

"The book, which covers the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and the striped bass of the USA, has been compiled and edited by Geoff Gonella and deals with every aspect of the bass itself, as well as facts about BASS. It offers techniques for bait, lure and fly fishing for bass from the shore and boat, stories of bass angling exploits and information on bass research and sustainability. It's perfect for the specialist bass angler or any angler interested in how this super species has provided top sport over the years."
Sea Angler magazine, August 2008

This is a stitchbound hardback book, produced on high quality paper, well illustrated, with an attractive dust cover featuring one of David Miller's paintings and will compliment any book collection.

BASS and B.A.S.S (ISBN 978-0-9558193-0-8) is published by Angler's Bookcase and can be ordered directly from Angler's Bookcase through their website.