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image:photo of trophy awarded by BASS for the largest bass released in the PBSBSAC competition on 12 November 2006

The Poole Bay Small Boat Angling Club (PBSBAC) is one of the largest and most professionally run angling clubs on the south coast of England. On 12 November 2006 they are hosting an open competition that is expected to attract over 60 private boats and close to 200 individual competitors from far and wide.

BASS are working with the PBSBAC on a pioneering programme aimed at promoting the issues relating to the BASS Restoration Project, and as part of this we have decided to sponsor an award for the largest bass that is caught and released on the day of the competition. The award will take the form of an engraved trophy, plus we have managed to pull in supporting sponsorship from both VEALS MAIL ORDER and PENN FISHING TACKLE EUROPE in the form of a £40 VEALS tackle voucher, and a PENN rod and reel combination.

If our involvement with the PBSBAC proves to be a success, the Society will consider rolling this initiative out around the country next year, in an effort to promote the aims of BASS and increase the awareness of what the Society does, and also to promote the up-coming increase in MLS.

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15 November 2006 – From Rich Swain:
Good to meet you Sunday Al, just sorry that my C & R effort wasnt a real guffer, but thank you from the club for becoming involved in our Open this year. Good luck with the planned roll out of this idea farther afield.

28 November 2006 – From Anonymous:
Other clubs have done this for years where have you been?

Pity other species were not dealt with by you all?

3 December 2006 – From John Morgan:
Dear Anonymous, What is your problem? BASS is not claiming that we are starting a trend. We are simply trying to reward and encourage the use of C&R. Is that a bad thing? Does it warrant snide comments?

Your comment “Pity other species were not dealt with by you all”. Perhaps you could elaborate further on what you mean? Perhaps you could also find it within yourself not to hide behind the ‘Anonymous’ title.

26 December 2006 – From Martin, Chairman, PBSBAC:

Re: where have you been

Our club (PBSBAC) has been at the forefront of C&R for more years than I care to remember and will continue to lead the way in catch and release in club competitions of ALL SPECIES.

May I suggest you research your comments before posting twaddle.