Here is the latest audio blog recorded last week when fishing on the south coast of England. These audio blogs are still very much an experiment for me:  the sound quality varies somewhat and I still havent quite got the hang of always commentating on what I am seeing, yet hopefully in some small way, it conveys a glimpse of the charm one of our fishing trips.


Blogger: Matt Spence (with help from Julian Fox)

  1. Wonderful, thanks for bringing us all along with you chaps

  2. Thanks Matt and Julian,I enjoyed that very early in the morning at work.
    Took me away for a bit.

  3. Thanks for the trip out, lads. I think these audio blogs work well, in some ways better than a ‘video’, perhaps imagination can lock onto the sounds, and therefore, without the distraction of the visual element it’s easier to ‘be there’. I don’t know perhaps I’m imagining that :-). Anyway, they work for me. Really pleased the ‘commercials’ blanked. Sometimes there is justice in the world.

  4. Just like listening to The Archers – but without the cows in the background.

    You must get that reel sorted too Matt 🙂

  5. Excellent listen. Realy enjoyed it. I think it’s better without video, as like a book – it lets your imagination run. Thank you.

  6. Thanks guys.
    I ran it through once, then pored a we ,well large dram, & listen to it on the head phones, Fantastic, you could hear the gulls , the water, that real!!, & the anger in your voice when the MUGGERS turned up.

  7. Cheers Matt and Jules. Love these audio blogs. Keep em coming!

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