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Blogging Bass …..

Well the BASS Blogging Team has been on fine form this last week, with all 3 finding some Matt with a fine South Coast Bassfish. Our man in the South endured a trip which involved some woeful luck & equipment failure, but still landed a beautiful lean 70cm bass …. This was a result of a long difficult session, involving engine failure, 2 hours rowing, taxi’s, humping heavy gear long distances, but still probably goes down as a roaring success. Just proves once again what a funny breed ‘bass anglers’ are. The South Coast has been very slow to get going this year, with water temperatures sitting below the seasonal norms. But there are finally some spluttering encouraging signs that the fishing is about get more interesting.

Hand picked fresh bait.

Steve with a nice bait caught BassOur roving Bandit Blogmaster resorted to the use of dirty bait in order to skillfully tempt a pair of beautiful early season bass ….

Following a difficult early season for lure anglers, Steve did what any sane bass angler would do, & adapted his tactics to suit the conditions. The resulting bass came through picking fresh bait, & plopping them directly into gullies at close quarters to tempt the bass. Fine angling from our hard-working Technical Blogman.

For those that like to get their hands dirty (& smelly) we’ll be running some Blog articles discussing bait fishing tips in the not too distant future. It sometimes gets overlooked in the current trend for shiny lures, but it remains an extremely effective way or targeting quality fish.

& our missionary across La Manche managed to winkle a 78cm ‘double’ on a large shad in Si with a lure caught 'double'wild weather. She hit at long range, & gave our man a good tussle before being landed for a quick photo, then being returned to the water & kicking off strongly.

If only every week was so productive. But after a long cold winter, the sight of silver has been most welcome. So it’s time to get out there & redouble your efforts, there’s every chance of something tugging on your line right now. BASS continues to campaign to try and improve the bass stocks, so that we can all experience quality fishing, & can target more & bigger bass in the future. Surely it’s not too much to ask for?