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Chris Yates Talks Bass

Keeping the blog updating on a regular basis is sometimes not the easiest of tasks. When perch fishing the other day it occurred to me that as well as videos, audio blogs may prove interesting and relatively easy to put together – or so I though. So armed with nothing more complicated than my iPhone I undertook a spur of the moment interview with the “legendary” Chris Yates about bass fishing and his love one lure (the Yo-zuri 105mm Mag slider).

Now after a week of trying to work out how to edit and post these “quick and easy” audio blogs, I finally have something to show.

Although the results are probably closer to year 4 than Radio 4, making this recording has sown a seed for more audio blogs and already I am contemplating getting hold of a portable digital recorder for the use of the  blog team.  As for the quality of this interviewer; I doubt such an easy fix is so readily available!

A “sea perch“ on a cold November day for Chris
A “sea perch” caught on traditional tackle by Chris one cold November day.

Blogger: Matt Spence