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Christmas has been rescued . . . . III

He makes you laugh . . .

I gear up and ready to leave when my decrepid body tells me I need to pee. Hell its taken me 10 minutes to struggle into waders and socks and Cag. For just one moment I thought about just letting nature takes its course as the less fatiguing option but Anne’s strict training kicked in and I de- geared. Finally I get into the car and make it to the end of the drive before something tells me I have not put any bait in the car. Almost weeping with frustration I manage to reverse the car and make my way to the metal shed but I can’t find the shed key and the tide is making nicely which does not add to my black mood which is getting blacker by the second. So I basically empty the car inside and boot before I realize the set of keys are in my trouser pocket. Did I tell you it was raining?

He makes you cheer . . .

It is two hours before high water which is the classic excepted time to fish this beach although I have many times caught very well at LW. Two big fat lug go onto my crude trace and I make my first cast and settle down but not for long as I get my first bite which turns out to be a fat Flounder. Its a start, next cast I get a huge slack liner and soon a 47 cm Basslet is at my feet. Wow not bad I reb-bait very quickly and make a shorter cast after just a minute or maybe two the rod slams over wow I never get bites like that on worm I respond with a brutal strike and the 25 Lb hood snood breaks. I feverously tie on another trace and make my cast as I am backing up with rod held high I get a savage bite which I meet with an equally savage strike of my rod. I feel that satisfying kick as a Bass realizes that something is wrong way out in that seething surf. No heroics no tales of ten minute fights and the taking of line I reel the Bass in and enjoy its protests even though they were futile. The feedback with the 50lb braid was amazing but give slack with braid and often a fish can come undone which in fact happened to my next fish. I beach the fish and take a couple of very quick photos before easing her back into the wash and off she shot back to join her mates. For the next two hours every cast I made resulted in a bite and many were missed and I suspect these were small fish. I ended up with seven Bass the best was around 55cm and at one point I was concerned that I would run out of worm.