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Christmas has been rescued . . . VI

Cabin fever is starting to set in . . .

Hope to be fishing tonight at 23:00 and into the new year. It is a ritual me and Mike C do every year . We don’t care what state of tide it is and every year we have caought in the current year and in the next its kinda fun. We get to see the fireworks in Tralee for free to. No one else ever bothers us on the beach either which is a bonus.

Have done a wash today but only realised when finished and smelt my clothes that I washed the clean ones instead of the dirty ones. No matter no Anne to admonish me and make me do it over again. Of course in the interests of teh envoirament I am not going to do another wash just yet. I hadve had my third consectative shower today but I still smell of old Lug worm. I am beyhond caring now. I have no one to please.

Never felt so relaxed and contented. You must try this therophy one Xmas.