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Christmas has been rescued . . . VII

After a couple of days of blanks, Mike’s back catching . . .


I found out by asking a beach walker that today is in fact Thursday. But I am getting ahead of myself.I awake this morning around 08:45 and decide this just has to be a chores day. I clean the kitchen put a load of filthy fishing clothes in the washer. Load the dishwasher and mop the floor. The boot of the car is rank with the smell of Lug so I take everything out and wash it down. Much fun in a SW gale which conspired to muck me about something rotten. I went and checked on my worms and they were all doing fine so I gave them a treat and changed their paper and spoke soothingly to them. Tied up two new traces which I will not need ever but it’s a habit and old habits die hard.

I bait up and march to the water sedge and make my cast. I am tired of 46 paces so today the regime is going to be 44 my two favourite numbers. Well I move three times before I get a solid hit and after a short battle well they are always short what do you expect from a 3lb fish I reach down into the suds and lift out a very nice fish. I released her and she like the rest powered off under the surf back home. Bites were not as fast as yesterday and when almost asleep I was awoken by Graham who crept up behind me and slapped me with both his hands on my shoulders. I was so far gone I did not even jump but I did miss the drop back bite by being distracted. Dam yesterday it was 7 bites 6 fish and one broken hook snood. Graham was going to his spot down the beach so I elected to stay put. I then miss another huge slack liner and worry that I am falling apart and losing the plot. It was by this time approaching LW so I decide to take the half mile walk wind assisted down the beach to fish by Graham and see just what’s what with his magical spot. I arrive all sweaty it was a long half mile and I was pumped with anticipation never a good thing when Bass fishing as hopes are so often dashed.  Graham babbled something about having his worm snatched ( lug worm Guys) so it looked promising and indeed the interloper me got a bite and a 47 cm fish first chuck in the magic spot. Graham then quickly got two small Bass and a Flounder whilst I struggled to get much of anything except water in my face and down my neck. But a 44 pace move saw me latch into two more Bass around the 50cm mark.  Graham decided to try sand eel and was rewarded with a nice fish so I changed over and got nothing. All too soon it was time to leave if Graham did not wish to donate his 4×4 to the sea, so I got a lift back to the car.