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Christmas has been rescued . . .

Christmas has been rescued was the title posted on the Forum by David Baker, on learning that Mike Oliver would have some form of internet access whilst on his annual Christmas and New Year fishing trip to Ireland. Mike has posted of events on previous trips and his ‘posts’ have had Forum members alternately, fearing for his sanity, fearing for his safety, laughing at him, laughing with him . . . but always enthralled and waiting for the next instalment from Kerry. Alistair Cooke eat your heart out.

We met Bob Moss and Dave his mate to who were on a scouting mission. We watched a huge shoal of Mullet play in the surf but no Bass swam with them. We did not even get a bite; so after chatting to Bob and Dave we made our way to Brics pub where I messed up my diet and had a Guiness. I have just finished a huge chicken Curry that is ok on my diet so I feel pretty smug. LW is around 19:30 and we said we would go fishing but the fire peat fire is so nice and our bellies are full and Mike C is snoring. It is going to be very tough to face the force 6 NW wind having only just dried out. Mike C is leaving Monday to return to Dublin leaving me to do nothing but fish. Xmas day, whenever that is, I will be fishing and dinner will be Chips, egg and beans. Nothing too plain. Our lives are very simple sleep, eat, dig worm, go fishing, eat and then repeat I plan to fish the two hander fly rod Monday or Tuesday as the sea is so clear. No one else is out fishing. More tomorrow. Mikey O.