The Southern inshore fisheries conservation authority (IFCA) is consulting on management measures in their area of Dorset Hampshire and IOW in January (see: ). This will help to shape the way the fishery is managed in the future.

The Key objectives for consideration when reviewing management measures within the Southern IFCA include:

•Management should achieve sustainable fisheries and environmental resources. Where
possible, selective, low impact and sustainable fishing methods will be encouraged.
•The socio-economic needs of the community will be balanced with the need for
management regulations and to support young and future users.
•Management regulations should be well informed and evidence-led, where possible,
making use of scientific stock data .

One of the principle questions asks for opinions on “What measures you think are necessary to fulfil our key objectives for each of the focus areas identified?

So in relation to measures that come out of this review it is the perspective of many, (such as the head of the BASS restoration committee Nigel Horsman) that resulting management measures should include:

• All “finfish” should have a minimum landing size set at a length equating to breeding size plus one years growth (for bass this equates to 48cm)

• There should be total ban on netting within 300m of the shoreline and a total ban on netting in nursery areas.

So what is needed is for as many of us anglers who either live OR (like me) fish in this area to get involved in the consultation and offer our views on your fishery (whether they are the same of different to the ones above.) Only through involvement will we get a fairer deal from the IFCA. The details of the meetings are

  • Weymouth Angling Society, DT4 8NF: Monday 5th January, 15:00 to 19:00
  • The Thistle Hotel, Poole, BH15 1HD:Tuesday 6th January, 10:00 to 18:00
  • Eastney Cruising Association, PO4 9LY:Thursday 8th January, 15:00 to 19:00
  • Riverside Centre, Newport, IOW, PO30 2QR:Friday 9th January, 15:00 to 19:00

The timings to be honest are wholly inconsiderate for anyone who works normal hours, however if you don’t make an effort you won’t have a say in your future fishery. Fortunately feedback by email is possible; just read the above consultation document and email your oppinions as to how you think your fishery should be managed to:


Finally to me this consultation demonstrates how IFCAs (if they are run according to their key objectives!) have the potential to enable fisheries to be managed for the  good of all and not just the benefit of a few. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this.


Blogger: Matt Spence


  1. Hi guys

    I have already engaged in dialogue with Annette Morris and Simon Pengelly. Annette is supportive as usual, but I’m already getting frustrated with Southern IFCA. If you want copies of the exchanges, please send me an email address

  2. Hi All
    For those that don’t know, I’m a member of the Southern IFCA. PLEASE come along (or if you can’t make a meeting send an email) and tell S.IFCA what you want (in no uncertain terms!). I’ll do my very best to get it delivered, but it isn’t easy so I need all the back up I can get.
    Nigel Horsman
    PS Dave (Cooling) – you can send me your email exchanges and I’ll see what I can do

  3. Had a good chat with Simon Pengelly who was receptive to my suggestions.
    He also responded by email afterwards which is good.

    I said i was representing many many of the anglers who were never going to be able to make the session due to the scheduling it in weekday hours, which make anglers feel; they are not really wanted at the meetings.
    I would now plead with all anglers to write in your thoughts to SIfCA on
    the fishery and what you would like changed. In the past they have not listened but now they are, we need to shout loudly

    Tell them what you think about bag limits of one
    What you think about nshore netting
    How much value for money are you getting from your fishing

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