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Daiwa Shoreline Shiners

Daiwa Shoreline Shiners

Welcome to the wonderful world of Daiwa Shoreline Shiners. In this article we will attempt to explain how to understand the difference between variations and sizing, along with some of the lettering you might notice printed on the lures or packaging.  For the large majority of lure anglers you are already going to be familiar with the legendary and now discontinued “R50 SSR”. A slim lure that casts like a missile with a shallow swim depth, a perfect choice for any shallow ground.

To start we will take a look at the known models – R series, SL series, LH series, Vertice series and lastly the Set Upper series.

R Series – Comes in several sizes with at least two different bibs. With the R series this will be followed by two numbers which relate to the size of the lure. 55= 140mm, 50= 120mm and 40 =95mm. This range comes in floating and sinking variants.

SL Series – The sizing ID number change for this series, again they will relate to the first numbers printed on the lure. 12 = 120mm, 14 = 140mm and 17 = 170mm. Just to confuse us there is also a different size scaling listed within this range at 125mm and 145mm. This series of lures is available in floating and sinking versions.

LH Series – As with the SL range two different sizing ID’s can be found printed on the lures, 15 & 150 both at 150mm. From the information gathered this range has two hook hangers unlike the traditional three hangers found on the other lures at similar sizes within Daiwa Shoreline Shiner models.

Vertice Series – This series of lures carries the greater variety in size, weight and swim depth. All are listed with a nice easy understanding of size being millimetres throughout the series. Again, you will find this printed on the lure directly after the Vertice wording. This series has number of different bibs options depending on the swim depth. Available in both floating and sinking variants.

Set Upper Series – Again the sizing is easy to understand within this series with the length being in millimetres. The Set Upper lures seem to be manufactured with a larger bib for deep diving and would appear to all be sinking lures.

Abbreviations – These you will find throughout the range, we still have some that can’t be identified (Z, R, G).  Feel free to contact us if you know what they are.

  • S – Sinking
  • F – Floating
  • DR – Deep Runner
  • LD – Long Distance
  • HGS – Hold Gravity System
  • STG – Strong Hooks
  • SL – Slim Lure
  • SDR – Sinking Deep Runner
  • SSR – Super Shallow Runner
  • HD – Heavy Duty


Shoreline Shiner R50+ SSR F-G 120mm 15.5g 0-300mm Floating
Shoreline Shiner R40+ SSR F-G 95mm 10g 0-300mm Floating
Shoreline Shiner Z Vertice 97F 97mm 14.3g 300-800mm Floating
Shoreline Shiner Z Vertice 140S 140mm 27.8g N/A Sinking
Shoreline Shiner Z Vertice 80S 80mm 11.8g 300-800mm Sinking
Shoreline Shiner Z Vertice 120F SSR 120mm 19g 50-300mm Floating
Shoreline Shiner Vertice SD 140F 140mm 29G 500-1000mm Floating
Shoreline Shiner Vertice STG 97F 97mm 14.5g 300-800mm Floating
Shoreline Shiner Vertice R 125F 125mm 20.5g 500-1000mm Floating
Shoreline Shiner Vertice STG 97S 97mm 16g 500-1000mm Sinking
Shoreline Shiner Vertice R 125S 125mm 23g 500-1400mm Sinking
Shoreline Shiner Vertice SD 140S 140mm 31.5g 500-1400mm Sinking
Shoreline Shiner Set Upper 145S DR 145mm 39g 2000mm Sinking
Shoreline Shiner R50 LD F-G 120mm 15.5g 500-1200mm Floating
Shoreline Shiner R55 140mm 31g N/A Floating
Shoreline Shiner R40 LD S-G 95mm 8.5g N/A Sinking
Shoreline Shiner R50 120mm 14.4g N/A Floating
Shoreline Shiner LH 15 F-G 150mm 34g N/A Floating
Shoreline Shiner SL17F 170mm 28g 150-800mm Floating
Shoreline Shiner SL14F 140mm 19.5g 50-600mm Floating
Shoreline Shiner SL12F 120mm 12.8g 150-600mm Floating
Shoreline Shiner SL14 LD S 140mm 22.5g 300-1000mm Sinking
Shoreline Shiner SL17 LD S 170mm 30.5g 300-1000mm Sinking
Shoreline Shiner LH 150F 150mm 35.5g 500-1200mm Floating
Shoreline Shiner Vertice 120S 120mm 20g 500-1400mm Sinking
Shoreline Shiner Set Upper 125S DR 125mm 26g 2000mm Sinking
Shoreline Shiner Z Set Upper 75S 75mm 12g 500-1000mm Sinking
Shoreline Shiner Z Set Upper 97S 97mm 17.5g 500-800mm Sinking
Shoreline Shiner SL145 F 145mm 19.5g 50-600mm Floating
Shoreline Shiner SL125 F 125mm 12.8g 50-600mm Floating

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