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EAA – Conservation of sea-bass – debate in European Parliament

Only three MEPs contributed to the bass debate, on the 13th March, two French MEPs and one from the Netherlands. (Other MEPs at this session only took part in the mackerel debate).

Read more here: Debate in the European Parliament


It is French Government and commercial fishers position that a bass TAC (Total Allowable Catch) should be introduced (France could expect to be allocated more than 60% of the total quota – so no wonder why they favour a TAC).

Alain Cadec  – Madam President, Commissioner, dear colleges, I wanted this debate on the preservation of the bass in the European Union because we are facing a challenge of the survival of this species.

As you know, the bass is a noble economically valuable species. It is highly sought-after by professional fishermen but also by recreational fishermen, whose number is increasing in Europe.

I therefore ask the Commission to intensify research on the status of European bass stocks in order to understand the biology and provide a study by the end of October 2014.

I also propose to the Commission to establish TACs and quotas for this species. This setting of TAC would lead to management by multi-annual plans. I also ask that the minimum size limit is increased to at least 40 cm.


The image below is taken from our Bass Campaign in 2004 (Bass Management Plan). The BMP is still as relevant now as it was in 2004.

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