“(02/07/2015) The EU has today taken another step to protect sea bass stocks in Europe. The 28 EU member states agreed to the Commission’s proposal to increase the minimum size for northern sea bass from 36 to 42 cm.”

…. “Today’s decision is the latest step in a package of measures the Commission has proposed for 2015 to halt the decline of this stock and prepare the way forward for further management measures in 2016.”

 ©European commission fisheries

See here for full EU press release:


  1. Good…not before time.

  2. Good news for all sectors and all metiers. Many thanks to those who made this happen.

  3. I fish Southend Pier I think in the long term a size increase is well overdue. there are a few anglers that still take under size bass ,eastern Europeans and others will take fish the size of sprats either they don.t know of these rules and I think staff would have a hard Job to enforce but think every effort should be made to people with posters and adverts to help people It does not take long to destroy breeding stocks .

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