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EU bass rules are fully in force in Ireland

Ireland – EU Commission confirms EU bass rules are all fully in force in Ireland
[SOS Bass Team ]


There has been some confusion as to whether the EU-wide bass protection measures apply to recreational angling in Ireland. The IFI has been incorrectly advising anglers that EU Regulations need to be enacted in Irish law before they have effect. For example, IFI Press Release 7 January 2016 states: “Implementation of this regulation will require new legislation in Ireland.”
The EU Commission has today confirmed to us that the relevant EU Regulations are directly applicable in Ireland, which means all the EU Regulations relating to sea bass fishing came into force on the date they were published in the EU Journal and so are already fully in force in Ireland.

With regard to the moratorium and the daily bag limit: Ireland passed a Statutory Instrument No.112 on 19 February 2016, which brought Irish domestic law into line with EU Regulation 2016/72 which was effective from 22 January 2016.

With regard to the 42cm MCRS: Ireland is in the process of revoking the former Irish national measure of 40cm, to bring it into line with EU Regulation 2015/1316 which was effective from 31 July 2015.

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