The advice of the European Unions fishery scientists for the management of bass stocks in 2017 in the area that includes the UK is:

“ICES advises that when the precautionary approach is applied, there should be zero catch (commercial and recreational) in 2017.”

 We will report further here on this and our suggested response to this in the next few days. It is worth remebering however that in recent years when increasingly severe reductions in landings have been recommended to prevent further stock decline, commercial fishermen have lobied against restrictions and polititians have largely ignored their own scientist’s advice. It is therefore no surprise to many of us that we have reached this sad state of affairs.

The ICES report is here:


17 bass stock pic

Summary stock assessment (by weight in thousands on tonnes) for divisions 4.b–c, 7.a, and 7.d–h. (central and southern North Sea, Irish Sea, English Channel, Bristol Channel, and Celtic Sea)

  1. Was fishing at Pensarn north Wales last Saturday and was tripping over Gill nets.

  2. I agree with statement this Can be true…Graph is exactly showing the assessment..Keep updating!!

  3. I know it may be a simplistic solution to the demise of our Bass stocks but can the government, since we are leaving the EU anyway, can they not implement some part of the exit strategy and get the foreign trawlers out of the UK waters. They have been saying for years that it is the major contribution to our failing fish stocks.If if hasnt a Red Duster on the stern send it away!!!! The government will have to dust of those fishery protection vessels we have’nt got

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