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FIPSM meeting in Luxembourg

The Federation International Peche Sportive Marine is the saltwater side of the Confederation International Peche Sportive (CIPS) and is the major European body for competitive sea angling.

At their meeting on 3 March 2000, attended by Mike North (NFSA), David Rowe (NFSA), and Malcolm Gilbert, the following resolution was agreed.

Manifest by the Coordination de la Peche de Loisirs Maritimes in France

Alarmed by the intensive and uncontrolled commercial fishing for sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) practised by certain nations during the reproduction period in the spawning zones, the Federation of Sea Anglers in France (FFPM) and the Federation of Recreational and Sportfishermen in France (FNPPSF) wish that the following actions will be taken and applied:

  • realisation of a European scientific study to evaluate the existing bass stocks to define whether this species is in danger and what possible action could be taken in the frame of a restraint withdrawal
  • a complete stop has to be pronounced to forbid all kinds of fishing for bass during the reproductive period in all spawning areas as indicated by scientists
  • as a precautionary principle prior to the application of item 2, we ask all nations of the EU to apply the quota measures already existing in France and in the UK
  • the priority should be to increase the size of bass for sportfishing and, in pursuit of this objective, the existing minimum landing sizes should be maintained and enforced
  • to avoid every confusion between farmed bass and wild bass, the strict application of individual marking of all farmed bass at the point of sale i.e. markets to ensure the traceability of the farmed bass

The two organisations ask the National and European organisations to join them in their propositions and to take into consideration that the oceans are vulnerable and that it is their duty to draw to the attention of the public where the exploitation is becoming unreasonable. They expect that the measures will be taken at all levels and with the shortest possible delay.

Signed on behalf of the abovementioned organisations by:

Henri Contamine, President FFPM
Hervé Quelven, President FNPPSF
Marcel Ordan, Vice-president FFPM
Graziano Garzi, Vice-president FNPPSF

BASS welcomes the support given by this FIPSM resolution to the proposals that BASS and NFSA took to last year’s EAA General Assembly. We look forward to working alongside FIPSM in achieving these aims