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Fishing focus – issue 2

image:photo of front cover of issue 2 of Defra & Marine Fisheries Agency (MFA) joint newsletter

Defra & Marine Fisheries Agency (MFA) newsletter

Today a second trial issue of the Marine and Fisheries newsletter, ‘Fishing Focus’, has been published. The newsletter is a joint publication from Defra and the Marine Fisheries Agency (MFA) and aims to improve communications with stakeholders. Defra made a commitment to improve its communication with stakeholders and ‘Fishing Focus’ is one more way of keeping stakeholders in touch with developments and inviting their views.

Defra and MFA are seeking feedback on this trial issue of the newsletter. If you would like to comment, please email before 19 May 2006.

[Comment – Defra and the Marine Fisheries Agency (MFA) are endeavouring to improve communication with ALL marine stakeholders. It is important therefore, that ALL anglers take the opportunity to ensure that, both Defra and the MFA, are made aware of anglers’ views on how the marine environment should be managed. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!]

[NB – Fishing Focus, issue 1]