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Food for thought



It’s good to know about the various ways people get involved in trying to secure a future for our wild bass stocks, and the lengths they go to, with petitions and emailing being the core work of the many. So it was food for thought after being told about a more direct and personal approach to let others discover the true worth and experience of Bass angling first hand.

The future of our bass and our angling is in our hands.

There’s a lot going on with  social media about the future of the bass and through the winter I write at least one e-mail a week to my local M.P the people that matter in the European council, or of course the Welsh assembly government and the people at Natural resources Wales

We should all be acting toward the future of the bass in our waters so please if you do care about the future of the species then get emailing.

Or you could go a step further as I did earlier this year by taking my local M.P out Angling, Get your local M.P out on the water and show them what we have. Get them onside and try your hardest to get their support.

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