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Gower Lure Festival

A total of 31 recreational sea anglers turned out on Sunday 31st July to support SWWASAC’s Gower Lure Festival. While the competition was a total success, in terms of fish caught it was very poor.

Jeff Clapham displays his winning fish . . .

Excellent support was provided from main sponsors Mainwaring’s of Sketty and Dave Bennett of Pro Lures Direct, and local tackle shops.

Jeff Clapham (BASS member) landed a 4½lb bass on the day to win the Ocean Caper Angling Kayak complete with paddles and life vest, sponsored by SWWASAC through Mainwaring’s.

This was definitely a competition with a difference with many new faces who seemed to be quite seasoned lure fishermen.

Everyone signed up to support a catch-and-release system with particular emphasis on trust, with everyone working within the rules. It was not easy to steward such an event, which took in an area from Oxwich to Slade and Port Eynon Point. Organisers took particular care to ensure the competition was kept as safe as possible by fishing around low water.

Plans are already in place to run the competition again next year.