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Henry Gilbey shows his support for BASS


Henry Gilbey, fanatical sea angler, angling photographer, journalist and broadcaster, who is well known for his television fishing shows and his work in the angling media, has this week given a ringing endorsement to BASS and the conservation and political campaigning work we do.

Henry has his own website and in his latest blog he says:

“…the more I learn about the organisation known as BASS (Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society), the more I feel that grassroots anglers (like me) need to give these kinds of people more and more opportunity to try and make a difference.”

Henry describes how he joined us at the CLA Game Fair this year and has come to understand what we are trying to achieve for the ordinary bass angler. To read more of what Henry has to say go to the blog on his website. While you are there also have a look round at the rest of the site. You will find, amongst others things, some very interesting views on what Henry considers to be the most effective bass lures as well as some beautiful photographs.

Image courtesy of Henry Gilbey