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Irish Bass season

Once more the Bass close season for Ireland is almost at an end.  As we near the opening day thoughts for Anglers and Bass Guides once again become anticipation of what the new season will hold for them. For much of the close season the weather was below average in air temperatures, and the month of May was affected by several deep low pressure systems. These constantly tracked across much of the country producing strong winds & cool unsettled conditions.

Recently released facts and figures  show how important all Angling is to the economy of Ireland, and  Bass angling has long been synonymous with the south west region, having been written about for decades and attracting a constant flow of visiting Anglers. These days it’s not only to areas of the far SW that Bass anglers visit, but also several other coastal regions .The Bass regulation signs are up on many beaches and visiting Anglers have already started to arrive.

This season the bass bag limit for all Anglers in Ireland remains at two fish per person in any one 24 hour period. [IFI April 2015]


[Bass is Ireland’s only marine fish species which is managed for angling]IFI.

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