At the weekend I found myself next to the water, without fishing tackle but in possession of my audio recorder. I might not have been able to fish for bass but at least I could pass on what I learnt at the recent BASS meeting – one intended to help give anglers like us the confidence to campaign for a reduction in bass landings. The bottom line is you dont need any specialised knowledge but it really is easy to make a difference.

IF you’re inspired by the above this information may help:

How to find your MP:

You could also send the same letter to: George Eustace, The Minister for Fisheries and The Marine Environment,  Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR

A letter to your member for the European Parliament would also be great

Find your MEP:


  1. Good piece of reportage from our roving reporter ~ very atmospheric Matt

  2. Great audio Blog Matt !

  3. Please reduce the Commercial and illegal fishing/netting effort on Bass stocks to enable the species to survive. I am a recreational sea angler and the species survival is extremely important for the future of my sport which provides the best economic use of Bass stocks. We practice catch and release where ever possible.

    Paul Taylor,
    Cornish Federation of Sea Anglers.

  4. Thanks for the feedback – it’s always appreciated! If I was in charge Paul I would grant exactly what you are asking for in your example of a simple but very effective letter!

  5. Great blog Matt.

    It is so easy to contact your MP and MEPs. Make yourself a cup of tea and do it now!

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