Knowing Your Zonks

The Megabass Zonk has been around now for a number of years mainly down to the fact It is one of the most productive hard lures on the market and has gained cult status with many bass lure anglers across the UK. For those that are not familiar with the Zonk, It is available in two sizes and is produced with a number of different bibs options which allow the lure to swim at various depths. Two of the options available are the iconic but sometimes fragile hinged bib, this model has now been discontinued by Megabass but it would seem they are still available through certain outlets from time to time. The Zonk is also produced in a floating or sinking format depending on the model.

Megabass produced the Zonk in two sizes, the 120 and 77. The chart below specifies what Is believed to be the true running depths contrary to what you may read on the packaging or marketing spec. The Yoro-Yoro model is listed as the shallow runner of the range with It’s more rounded bib but it certainly does not run at the stated 150mm so be careful over shallow ground. Wit the hinged bib 120 variants you may notice that the Hi-Pitch has a more aggressive action than the Yoro-Yoro. If you are particular with the weight of your lures be sure to check out the packaging / spec of the 120 SW with later ones listed at 20g compared to the older models at 21g.

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  1. Interesting. This lure must have come along after I stopped fishing for bass. Must say, I never used sinking lures – except for a few brief experiments with things like US-made flexible eels & jigs – only used tried & tested (and US made) floating lures, mostly Rebel minnow-shaped plugs, mostly jointed rather than fixed, 15-25g. Only lures I recall with a hinged/variable lip were the old ABU Hi-Lo pike plugs, beautifully made & finished, never caught either pike or bass on one… If I were fishing for bass again I’d use the same soft weedless lures I’m now using for largemouths in fresh water, hugely more practical (and effective) in any water that’s remotely snaggy.

  2. The 120SW fixed bib is one of the best lures out there for bass, IF the water depth is there….
    Great caster and digs in if there is a bit of chop too…
    Two good colours are Hot Shad for lower light and Rainbow Pearl – when paused on the retrieve, it sinks slowly backwards, which can be a trigger….
    Some lures give good feedback when the correct speed is hit – the zonk really lets you know the sweet spot with the rod tip dancing and throbbing like mad!
    Not a cheap lure, or readily available, but has accounted for some big fish in the past for some.

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