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Latest BASS column in Sea Angler . . .

Early in 2010, Mel Russ, the editor of Sea Angler spoke with Peter Macconnell (our then Chairman) and offered BASS the opportunity to have a column in his magazine. He was planning to have a section of Sea Angler devoted to all types of bass angling. The BASS committee members were consulted by email. It was felt that a BASS column would raise anglers’ awareness of BASS and give us an opportunity to promote its ideals. It was agreed that we should take up the offer. The BASS column would appear in each future issue of Sea Angler.

Four BASS members each volunteered to submit 500 word articles to Mel Russ on a subject of their choosing connected with BASS and bass fishing. The original ‘writers’ were Matt Spence, Peter Macconnell, Steve Pitts and Geoff Gonella. There has been a rotation of authors and Ian Misselbrook (our current Chairman), Julian Fox and more recently Shaun Sorenson (a keen bait fisherman) have taken over as Peter and Steve took a ‘rest’.

Here are the most recent articles:


‘It’s all a muddle’

BASS member Shaun Sorenson opens up the bass MLS debate.

Sea Angler, Issue 489, Feb – Mar 2013



‘It’s good to talk’

BASS member Matt Spence explains one of the delights of bass fishing – talking to like minded anglers.

Sea Angler, Issue 488, Jan – Feb 2013


‘Stealth tactics’

BASS member Julian Fox reckons sneaking about on the shore means you are likely to catch more fish.

Sea Angler, Issue 487, Dec 2012 – Jan 2013



‘Christmas wellie fillers . . .’

As the season of goodwill looms ever closer, BASS catch recorder Geoff Gonella comes up with some timely Christmas present ideas . . .

Sea Angler, Issue 486. Nov – Dec 2012


Previous editions can be found here: BASS columns in Sea Angler