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It’s great to be able to report some good news, and knowing that our campaigners are just a few of the top names who now back the Angling Trust as Ambassadors, helps indicate the growing strength and unity within angling. They are a wide range of individuals from various walks of life that are passionate about angling and its future. What follows below is some quotes from a few of them that are involved with B.A.S.S or SOS Bass , please follow up the links and explore further yourself.


Nigel Horsman, Bass Anglers Sport Fishing Society Campaigner

The fight for better bass management and a better deal for bass anglers is vitally important for all sea anglers. We’ve endured decades of mismanagement of fish stocks for the short term benefit of commercial fishermen, with no regard for anglers.

The Angling Trust are just as passionate as me about all types of fishing (I also coarse and fly fish) and it’s essential to support their campaigns for better fishing. You can find out more about the work Nigel’s put in during the years on the Bass website or in some of the society videos.

Leon Roskilly, Sea angling conservationist and also a member of B.A.S.S and SOS Bass

The UK could support world-class angling if the political will can be found to restore and protect habitat and fish-stocks in our rivers and seas.

Jo Stephenson Fly tyer B.AS.S and SOS Bass supporter

I have been fishing since I met my now husband when I was 17, over the years I have progressed primarily to fly fishing and enjoy tying flies which I demonstrate at a number of shows around the UK and Ireland. I love traveling to discover new fishing and when I got married we honeymooned in Zambia to catch Tiger fish! I was fortunate in 2015 to be picked to take part in a BBC TV program, a fishing competition which took me all over the world, I made it to the semi-final before I had to hang up my rod. This year (2016) I have been given the honour of being made an ambassador for the Angling Trust. We all must do our bit to help protect our fish and our waterways so they can be enjoyed for our lifetime and generations to come, it is amazing to be able to represent an organisation who helps to make that possible.


You will also find that Malcolm Gilbert Sea Angling conservationist…

Sea anglers must learn to put their differences to one side in order to unite and focus of achieving far greater political clout for the overall good of our fishery resources and future sea anglers.

and the Well-known TV presenter, angling photographer and journalist Henry Gilbey are amongst the ambassadors …

I worry hugely about the future of UK saltwater fishing, so the least we can do is to give the UK’s one professional organisation the best possible go at protecting our sport

“Twenty anglers from the world of TV, journalism, F1 and the angling industry have agreed to become Ambassadors for the Angling Trust and Fish Legal.” Click here

Alphabetical Listing of our Angling Trust Ambassadors please click here.

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