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Loops and Lure Boxes . . .

Ok, admittedly this post isn’t really about ‘How to catch bass’ but it’s relevant to the time of year when we start to think about bass fishing. Retrieving the gear from storage, dusting it down, checking line/braid and inspecting hooks, both ‘J’ and trebles, for rust and sharpness (and replacing where necessary). Some of us will have done all this before putting everything away at the end of last season; for the rest there is always that sense of anticipation as we ‘mess about’ with the ancillaries of our chosen pastime.

Below are a couple of videos that we produced; quite sometime ago now . . . but the Whittingham Loop is still a useful tip to bear in mind if you don’t like using links (Frank has asked me to add in the caveat that the  new super(thin)-braids may not be suitable for the WL method). And the Lure Boxes have proved popular with many anglers . . . including Jim O’Donnell (should point out that the pricing at the end of the video clip is now out of date  – see link below for current costs).


Details about the BASS Lure Storage System here: BLSS

Another useful item to carry around (save lugging a set of weigh scales) is the BASS Tape